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Happiness isn't about getting somewhere.

It is about returning to our true nature:



and playful.

Lara Patriquin, MD_edited_edited_edited_

I have dug deeply into neuroscience, psychology, and spirituality to find the best practices and understandings to keep your mind at its best. 


Lara Patriquin, MD



When I realized that I was much less happy as a doctor than as a medical student, I knew I had much to understand about the nature of the mind.  My quest for well-being led me to study neuroscience, psychology, and spirituality. 

  With this knowledge and insights, I help clients access a more creative, successful, and inspired version of themselves. 

I delight in sharing the insights and practices that have shaped my life and given me back what we Montréal folks call Joie de Vivre. 

I am an associate professor at the University of Utah, where I practice and teach radiology. I am the mother of two adult kids and love all things to do with mountains. 

Working with Lara changed my life. Her understanding of the mind and piercing questions pull the rug from under my stress and unhappiness. I wish I'd had these insights earlier in my career!

Marie Wagner Brown, MD
Pediatric Surgeon

Marie Wagner Brown_edited.jpg
justin stratton.jpeg

I am on fire, my life is on fire, and my business is on fire.  

I am healthier, have more energy, feel happier, give better advice, and have an easy time doing things that used to feel like hard work. 


Working with Lara has taken me to the next level in all aspects of my life.    

Justin Stratton
Principal Engineer, Southwest Geotechnical

Lara's workshops are simply outstanding, engaging people in practices that can truly change their lives both professionally and personally.


She is a delight to work with, and goes above and beyond to make an impact that matters. I highly recommend her. 

Greg Behm
Award-Winning Vistage Peer Advisory Group Chair & CEO Coach

Greg Behm.jpeg

Upcoming Speaking Engagements 

I would love to coordinate a visit with your group with my travel schedule. 


May 22, Montreal

Jun 11, 2024, Albuquerque, NM

Jun 18, 2024, Quebec City

Jun 19, 2024, Quebec City

Jun 20, 2024, Quebec City

Jun 21, 2024, Quebec City

Jul 17, 2024, Vancouver, BC

Jul 18, 2024, Vancouver, BC

Jul 24, 2024, Vancouver, BC

Aug 08, 2024, Portland, OR


Sep 03, 2024, Sioux Falls, SD

Sep 04, 2024, Sioux Falls, SD

Sep 05, 2024, Sioux Falls, SD

Sep 17, 2024 Quebec City

Sep 18, 2024 Quebec City

Sep 19, 2024 Quebec City

Sep 20, 2024 Quebec City

Oct 29, 2024 Vancouver, BC

Oct 30, 2024 Vancouver, BC

Nov 01, 2024 Broomfield, CO

Nov 01, 2024 Broomfield, CO

Nov 13, 2024 San Francisco, CA

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