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and playful.

The mind is an incredibly powerful tool that can create the life of our dreams. At times, however, it feels like the mind's only job is to drive us crazy!

How can we maintain a positive mindset? 

This question has fascinated me for decades.

I have dug deeply into neuroscience, psychology, and spirituality to find the best practices and understandings to keep your mind at its best. 

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Lara Patriquin, MD

Lara is a physician, speaker, and teacher of mindfulness meditation and of Transformative Inquiry.

Her personal quest for well being is informed by her medical studies on the brain and on the nature of thought.


She lectures extensively in the medical and business communities about the value of clear and reliable practices that optimize key functions of the mind.


  Inspired by her scientific knowledge and extensive contemplative practice, Lara's clients are able to access a more creative, successful and inspired version of themselves. 

Working with Lara changed my life. Her understanding of the mind and piercing questions pull the rug from under my stress and unhappiness. I wish I'd had these insights earlier in my career!

Marie Wagner Brown, MD
Pediatric Surgeon

Marie Wagner Brown_edited.jpg

"I am on fire, my life is on fire, and my business is on fire.  I actually see the world and am enjoying everything, both the good and bad.  My eyes are now open to seeing and capitalizing on opportunities that I never knew how to find. I am healthier, have more energy, feel happier, give better advice and have an easy time doing things that used to feel like hard work.  I see things clearly for my life and my business which is taking both of them to the next level."   

Justin Stratton
Principal Engineer, Southwest Geotechnical

justin stratton.jpeg

Lara's workshops are simply outstanding, engaging people in practices that can truly change their lives both professionally and personally. She is a delight to work with, and goes above and beyond to make an impact that matters. I highly recommend her. 

Greg Behm
Award-Winning Vistage Peer Advisory Group Chair & CEO Coach

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