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CME Courses for Healthcare Workers
Live One-on-One Zoom Courses to help navigate the stress of medicine
6 Category 1 AMA credits

The Stressors of Medicine

As physicians, our greatest fear is making a mistake that negatively affects patient care.

For this reason, feedback is often feared in our profession. 

We want to take responsibility for our professional conduct without resorting to shame and blame. Yet, we often go to pieces when faced with feedback we don't like, either professional feedback from a colleague or a lawsuit. 

How can we best receive news that we don't want? 

My CME courses are grounded in that question. 

Inquiry provides a process and framework to take responsibility best while allowing ourselves to love our jobs. 

Course Format

All courses consist of 6 one on one zoom or in-person sessions with me. 

These sessions last 60-90 minutes. 

During these sessions, we will explore the neuroscience of stress and understand our physiology. 

We will spend most of our time inquiring into your stressful thoughts. 

I will give you short, daily assignments which will hopefully become lifelong wellness practices. 

Available Courses 

Click on the links below for more information

Other course material can be considered for future classes. 

Please let me know of your particular interest. 

Putting Stressful Thoughts on trial - A Live One-on-One Zoom Course to Thrive during Malpractice.

Giving and Receiving Feedback

To enroll please email or call (505) 269-4097

Marie Wagner Brown.jpeg

Marie Wagner Brown, MD
Pediatric ENT Surgeon

Working with Lara changed my life. Her understanding of the mind and piercing questions pull the rug from under my stress and unhappiness. I wish I'd had these insights earlier in my career!

katie lopez.jpeg

Katie Lopez, MD

Lara was my lifeline during my lawsuit. She kept me accountable for healthy habits which I still practice! Through her mindset change exercises, I was able to use the malpractice experience to become happier and healthier. 

jose avitia_edited.jpg

Jose Avitia, MD
Medical Oncologis

Lara's wisdom and insights have helped me navigate the stress of my busy practice. I always see things differently after talking to her. 

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