The 21-Day Challenge


During times of stress, leaders are asked to show up with a level of emotional intelligence greater than ever required in the past. Everyone wants them to be problem solvers, to think creatively, and with compassion and equanimity, to be the beacon that will guide their companies through difficulties.

Yet leaders are not immune to the stressors we all face. Many of our leaders find themselves increasingly stressed, even burned out.

The 21-day challenge was created in order to improve emotional intelligence in short order.

The first component of the challenge is to understand how the mind, aka the operating system of our lives, works. The health of our minds is the greatest determinant of our intelligence, effectiveness, and happiness and yet we know little about how it works. Filling in this knowledge gap greatly improves self-awareness and personal power.

Secondly, it delivers short practices that when brought into daily life shifts the mind from a place of anxiety and fear to one that is focused, creative, and even joyful. These scientifically validated practices take less than 10 minutes a day.

The challenge capitalizes on the desire for accountability within the group. Members share their daily progress with their accountability partners. This not only ensures their success with the program but builds their friendship and sense of connection to the group.

Value to Members

Members report that a few days into the challenge their focus improves, they make better decisions and they feel less stressed. They also report an improved team spirit within the group and a deeper sense of connection to their peers.

The Program

The stressed mind follows a predictable pattern.

Faced with an uncertain future, we generate multiple worse case scenarios and then attempt to troubleshoot each outcome.

We end up thinking like lizards: with tunnel-vision focus on our thoughts, exaggerating danger levels, seeing others as threats, and searching for quick fixes. We get hooked into stressful thought patterns.

This response may be helpful when facing a hungry predator, but is ill-suited to our modern-day challenges.

To move beyond this stress-induced dilemma, we need to shift our neurochemistry to take us out of the spiral of negative thinking.

The practices of the 21-day challenge boost our neurochemistry. Each exercise causes a “hit” of beneficial hormones that shift our mindset from self-absorption to generosity, scarcity to abundance, and from fear to love. This mindset shift allows us to be the best version of ourselves and to delight in the journey of life.

After a short introduction on how the mind generates thoughts, 4-5 practices are introduced, including meditation, breathing exercise and gratitude practices. Members then commit to practicing one of these daily using another member of the group as an accountability partner. 


Insightful, engaging. A breeze of fresh air! Highly appreciated by all of the members!


very relevant to tools needed for daily effectiveness; great speaker; very much enjoyed the information and presentation style;


Excellent engaging speaker - good balance of the neuroscience and engaging the group doing the "practices" to reduce stress. The monkey mind and the mountain mind resonated well. All have made a commitment to the 21 Day Challenge. It was clear to see the impact these practices can have on a personal and professional level!



Great presentation, engaged the group totally.
This was an amazing presentation, thought provoking. Personally, the topic and content was spot on and really helped me with personal development.