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At Work

An organization's most vital asset is its people.


Regardless of an employee's intelligence or dedication, how they interact with their coworkers matters more for their daily performance.

Let's face it, our coworkers can either make our work experience enjoyable or challenging.

A positive team environment encourages members to excel, while a negative atmosphere can even impact highly skilled employees negatively.

So, fostering teamwork and trust is a wise choice. It's not left to chance. Through group collaboration and asking important questions, members learn to cooperate effectively.


This leads to clear communication, openness to feedback, and, importantly, turning organizational problems into opportunities.

"Organizational health will surpass all other disciplines in business as the greatest opportunity for improvement and competitive advantage.”


Patrick Lencioni 

The 21-Day Challenge in the workplace

Vistage/TEC coaches have consistently observed that the 21 Day Challenge instills a fresh sense of unity and openness within the group. It introduces mental concepts and frameworks that empower members to support each other effectively.


As a result, participants often experience a newfound sense of trust and compassion among their peers, creating an atmosphere of safety and kindness that they may not have thought possible before.

This transformative experience can significantly boost group morale.


Imagine the positive impact this could have on an organization's overall health and well-being. 

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Bringing Inquiry-Based Solutions to Organizations Transforming Obstacles into Opportunities

A Pilot Study
Lara Patriquin, MD, Pedro Cortina, EdD, Tania Fierro MA,
Christina Jahn, MA, and Derek Bullen BSc. Eng.

Click here to download our white paper on our experience bringing inquiry-based coaching into the workplace. 

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