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"Organizational health will surpass all other disciplines in business as the greatest opportunity for improvement and competitive advantage.”


Patrick Lencioni 

Arguably the most important asset of an organization is the minds of its members. No matter how smart or how dedicated an employee is, how a member shows up on a daily basis has more to do with her relationship with her team colleagues than her overall competency and intelligence. 
Let's face it, those around us have the capacity to make or break our experience. A thriving team dynamic invites it's members to excellence and dedication. On the other hand, a caustic work environment can bring out the worse in the smartest, most competent employee. 
Thus, developing positive team dynamics, teams that trust, yields great returns. 
Developing this team chemistry is not something to be left to chance. Through transformational inquiry in a group setting, members learn to thrive together. It develops clear and direct communication. It opens members to feedback. Above all, it transforms organizational obstacles into opportunities. 

Bringing Inquiry-Based Solutions to Organizations Transforming Obstacles into Opportunities

A Pilot Study
Lara Patriquin, MD, Pedro Cortina, EdD, Tania Fierro MA,
Christina Jahn, MA, and Derek Bullen BSc. Eng.

Click here to download our white paper on our experience bringing inquiry-based coaching into the workplace. 

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