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Your Beautiful Mind

I initially believed that attaining professional success would lead to happiness. Yet, despite notable accomplishments in finance, academics, and career, I found myself grappling with elevated stress levels. I yearned for a lighter perspective, easier decision-making, renewed connections with people and places, and a focused mind. I also sought to curb excessive consumption, improve sleep quality, and experience life's flow.

Diving into understanding the mind, I recognized its significance. I discovered that a state of flow is accessible at any moment, irrespective of external circumstances. Acknowledging our minds as potent yet glitch-prone systems, we can pave the way for triumph and well-being.

Drawing from extensive studies in mindfulness, transformative inquiry, inquiry-based stress reduction, internal family systems, and the Sedona method, my approach fuses neuroscience, positive psychology, and spirituality. I strive to help clients build a mind that serves them optimally.

Our confidential coaching space is designed to address workplace frustrations, as well as marriage and family matters. With a rich background in health and well-being, I'm also here to support health-related objectives spanning fitness, weight management, and overcoming substance dependency.

There's no judgment or omission here. Together, we can forge a path to success and lasting happiness.

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"I am on fire, my life is on fire, and my business is on fire.  I actually see the world and am enjoying everything, both the good and bad.  My eyes are now open to seeing and capitalizing on opportunities that I never knew how to find. I am healthier, have more energy, feel happier, give better advice and have an easy time doing things that used to feel like hard work.  I see things clearly for my life and my business which is taking both of them to the next level."   

Justin Stratton
Principal Engineer, Southwest Geotechnical

Working with Lara changed my life. Her understanding of the mind and piercing questions pull the rug from under my stress and unhappiness. I wish I'd had these insights earlier in my career!

Marie Wagner Brown, MD, Pediatric ENT Surgeon

Lara was my lifeline during my lawsuit. She kept me accountable for healthy habits, which I still practice! Through her mindset change exercises, I was able to use the malpractice experience to become happier and healthier. 

Katie Lopez, Radiologist

Lara is an extraordinarily talented and insightful teacher. Her guidance and therapeutic tools allow for fresh insight and true transformation. Within group settings, she facilitates the re-framing of the emotional struggle and navigates to a powerful emotional reset. Lara’s skilled guidance provides a spiritual toolkit supportive of what was once elusive happiness.


Amy Coburn

University Architect, The University of New Mexico 

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