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Me, most of
my adult life

In the early stages of my professional journey, I appeared to have it all: financial prosperity, community admiration, robust health, and a harmonious family. However, beneath this facade, my inner world told a different tale. Despite my apparent blessings, I struggled to sustain gratitude or happiness consistently. The belief that my contentment hinged on reaching the next milestone perpetuated within me. Shedding weight, reducing drinking, securing quality education for my children, taking vacations, earning promotions, acquiring a luxurious car, and amassing wealth seemed like the keys to dispelling the cloud that loomed.

Certainly, positive situations momentarily lifted my spirits, granting a temporary reprieve. But anxiety and melancholy would creep back over time, pulling me into familiar thought patterns.

At one point, I concluded that pursuing happiness itself was responsible for my discontent, deeming happiness overrated. Yet, this widely accepted perspective on the pitfalls of chasing happiness proved inadequate.

Thankfully, my interest veered toward neuroscience, specifically the emerging "contemplative neuroscience" realm, which harmonized ancient contemplative traditions with cutting-edge brain imaging findings. My background in radiology compelled me to explore the science, while my own struggles propelled me to seek solace within it.

As I began unraveling the intricacies of the mind—how thoughts and emotions compose our reality—I finally found a way to address my discontent. Since then, science has uncovered potent well-being strategies that align with the insights of ancient wisdom: the pursuit of happiness is, in truth, a quest for self-realization. At its core, what seems like a search for happiness is a search for our authentic selves. This journey, a gift to both ourselves and those around us, resonates with the essence of ancient teachings.

In the realm of sports, this experience mirrors being "in the zone" or "flow." It evokes liberation, optimal performance, and a simultaneous sense of tranquility. This state is our birthright, accessible to us whenever we explore the functioning of our mental operating system.

My toolkit encompasses a range of practices that I share with my clients. Together, we address workplace challenges, performance-related concerns such as leadership development and public speaking apprehensions, work-life balance, relationship issues, health matters including sleep troubles and weight management, as well as struggles with substance misuse. All aspects are embraced with profound respect and confidentiality. Sessions can be conducted in person, over the phone, or via video conferencing.

For an introductory session at no cost, kindly reach out through the provided link.

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