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Question Thinking 

Question Your Limiting Beliefs

Introducing Part 2 of the 21-Day Challenge for graduates, where we dive even deeper into understanding our minds using a powerful tool called Inquiry.

Do you ever find yourself thinking:

"I can't survive in this economy."

"There isn't enough time."

"I won't ever have enough clients."

"My employees don't respect me."

"I don't have what it takes to succeed."

These thoughts, also known as "head trash," often plague our professional lives.

Our restless minds love to torment us with such thoughts, keeping us awake at night, draining our energy, and hindering our ability to tackle obstacles in our businesses.

The 21-Day Challenge equips us with daily practices to manage these stress-inducing thoughts. But sometimes, despite our best efforts, they stick around stubbornly.

So, what's the solution?

It's about questioning our underlying beliefs.

Inquiry allows us to put these stressful thoughts on trial, helping us gain a deeper and clearer understanding of our situation.

Inquiry, which involves questioning our limiting beliefs, is the quickest way to shift from the anxious monkey mind to a calm, wise, and clear mindset.


Inquiry is not a new concept; it dates back to ancient times, even mentioned by Socrates, who believed that an "unquestioned life wasn't worth living."

In modern times, we've come to realize that we often believe thoughts that aren't true. Inquiry helps us reverse the mechanisms responsible for the monkey mind.

When practiced as a group, Inquiry enables us to assist our teammates in seeing through their limiting beliefs. It acts as an instant "BS detector," helping them separate their monkey mind narrative from reality. Liberated from the weight of their stressful stories, they discover the energy, clarity, and wisdom needed to make sound business decisions.

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Lara is an extraordinarily talented and insightful teacher. Her guidance and therapeutic tools allow for fresh insight and true transformation.
Within group settings, she facilitates the re-framing of the emotional struggle and navigates to a powerful emotional reset. Lara’s skilled guidance provides a spiritual toolkit supportive of what was once elusive happiness.


Amy Coburn, University Architect,
The University of New Mexico 




Lara's impact when she speaks to a group is irreversible. Some celebrity speakers are inspiring, Lara's goal isn't about her, it isn't even about knowledge only, it's about a "change for the rest of your life".
Who's better than a physician specialised in magnetic images to report about brain's training's results?



Gilles Prepoint, TEC Chair,

Founder, Uhumanea





Lara has the ability to tie brain function, emotional response and motivation into a seamless and understandable continuum which has been of enormous benefit.

William Hammonds

Vistage International

Lara shared her gift of inquiry with my writing group.

The result was even more astounding than I had hoped for. After a brief explanation and example, Lara expertly guided a volunteer to look deeply into a pivotal event and the beliefs she had created about herself because of it. The volunteer came away feeling healed.

Lara then guided the whole group through another process so we could all experience a similar shift.
Lara's obvious joy in creating the space for this healing makes me want to host more events like this so that everyone can experience this kind of transformation.

Amy Collette, Principle

Positively Powered

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