21 day challenge to spread positivity and reduce stre

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5 Breathes 

At every juncture, take 5  conscious breaths  

As you approach a  building  

As you get out of your  car  

Before Starting a conversation  

5 conscious breaths  

5 times a day

Wim Hof Breathing

Wim Hof breathing with instruction on breathing and cold immersion:


Wim Hof video we used in class:


Random Acts of Kindness

Yielding in traffic 

Unexpected tips 

Letters to friends 

Anonymous gifts 

Notes of appreciation

Paying for people’s food

Notes of appreciation

Notes of Appreciation:

Dear _____

I appreciate three things you have done for me: 

1)____, 2)____, 3)_____

Three qualities I value in you:

1)____, 2)____, 3)_____

With Love, _____

Morning Connect​

5 Breathes 

Bring to mind 5 people who you love As you inhale, feel your love for them As you exhale, send them love/healing 2-3 breathes per person 

*Notice any resistance to your love for them


My recorded meditations:

Morning priming:


Body Scan:


Other Suggestions:


Waking Up  


10% Happier

Body scan guided meditation similar to in-class exercise (recorded for air force):



On awakening: Thank you, life. I love you.  

Text your partner three things you are grateful for  Write half a page of things you are grateful for every evening 

Tell someone you are grateful for them every day

Text your partner something you are grateful for every day

Intention Setting

1) Set an intention: I have accomplished my goal, I am in a great relationship, I am a confidant and happy mother 

2) See your self in a situation where the goal is accomplished . Don’t watch the movie, be in the movie 

3) Feel the feeling of the wish fulfilled  throughout your body, Your voice, Your posture

Dawn and Dusk/Priming​

Recorded meditation by Lara Patriquin:


Tony Robbins:


My Favorite References

21 day challenge.jpg

I created the 21 day challenge to assist my clients at Vistage International improve their lives. To support you in finding less stress and more joy, it is helpful to team up with someone to keep yourself accountable. 

whole brain living.jpeg

Whole Brain Living is revolutionary in that it maps out the brain anatomy involved in our ways of being in the world. It is traditional in the sense that it correlates ancient truths with current neuroanatomical understandings. Not to be missed. 

the untethered soul .webp

Noone maps our the mind like Michael Singer. Perhaps the most gifted American Teacher of our time, Michael bridges the gaps between neuroscience, Eastern philosophy, and practical happiness. Highly Recommended! 

daring greatly.jpg

Researcher Brene Brown has her finger of the pulse of the things that ail us! Her work is extraordinarily insightful and greatly helps to understand the mind. 


In this auto biography NY Times Best seller outlines how he used his practice of moving into the mountain mind to create an extraordinary life. Singer is the founder of a billion dollar tech company, internationally known teacher and a true inspiration. 

no self no problem.jpeg

Chris Niebauer notices and describes the striking parallels between the latest discoveries in psychology, neuroscience, and the teachings of Buddhism, Taoism, and other schools of Eastern thought. A terrifically insightful read!


Dan Harris is a prominent journalist who, after an on-air panic attack looked for ways to reduce his stress. This resulted in a best selling book and a fabulous app to teach even the greatest skeptic to practice mindfulness.


This App makes meditation easy. Literally plug and play. This is the most accessible teaching tool.