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21-Day Challenge, Part 2:
Questioning limiting beliefs


Created for graduates of the 21-Day Challenge, Part 2 takes an even deeper dive into the workings of the mind, using the powerful tool of Inquiry. 


"I can't survive in this economy" 

"There isn't enough time."

"I won't ever have enough clients"

"My employees don't respect me."

"I don't have what it takes to succeed."

These thoughts, or "head trash",  plague our professional lives.

The monkey mind loves to torture us with this kind of thinking,  keeping us up at night, making us feel burned out, and robbing us of the creative energy needed to guide our companies through obstacles.  


The 21-day challenge teaches us how to manage these stressful thoughts through our daily practices.  

But sometimes despite our best efforts, we can't seem to drop them. They seem so... sticky.

What is the solution?


Questioning our underlying beliefs.

Inquiry allows us to put these stressful thoughts on trial so that we can see the situation more deeply and clearly. 

Inquiry - questioning our limiting beliefs - is the fastest way out of the constricted monkey mind into our created, calm, wise, and beautiful mountain minds. 


Inquiry is an ancient practice, dating as far back as Socrates who maintained that the "unquestioned life wasn't worth living".


It has gained popularity in modern times as we now understand that we tend to believe thoughts that aren't true. The mechanisms responsible for creating the monkey mind can be reversed through inquiry. 

When practiced as a group, Inquiry allows us to help our teammates see through their limiting beliefs. It gives us an instant "BS detector" so that we can gently allow them to discern their monkey mind narrative from the truth. Free from the burden of their stressful stories, they find the energy, clarity, and wisdom to make sound business decisions. 

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