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The Science behind the 21-day challenge

Neurochemistry of the stressed mind
The stressed mind follows a predictable pattern. Faced with an uncertain future, we generate multiple worse case scenarios and then attempt to troubleshoot each outcome. The result is thousands of stressful thoughts, each triggering the fight-flight-freeze system, flooding our brains with adrenaline and cortisol. 
Blood flows preferentially to the primitive parts of the brain, prompting us to think like lizards: with tunnel-vision focus on our thoughts, exaggerating danger levels, seeing others as threats, and searching for quick fixes. We get hooked into stressful thought patterns. 
This response may be helpful when facing a hungry predator but is ill-suited to our modern-day challenges. 
To move beyond this stress-induced dilemma, we need to shift our neurochemistry. "Rest and digest" hormones reset our cerebral blood flow and take us out of the spiral of negative thinking. Under this physiology, we operate out of our true nature, which is wise, creative, loving, and happy. 
The Challenge
The practices of the 21-day challenge boost our neurochemistry. Each exercise causes a "hit" of beneficial hormones that shift our mindset from self-absorption to generosity, scarcity to abundance, and from fear to love. This mindset shift allows us to be the best version of ourselves and to delight in the journey of life. 
I created the 21-day challenge to help  CEO's improve their capacity to shift into a positive and creative mindset and have updated it for these times. Members commit to a few of the daily practices and make themselves accountable by checking in with a partner on a daily basis.  
As the mind is continuously inclined to negativity, frequent course corrections are necessary to avoid the spiraling effects of stress.  Frequent spikes of positive hormones draw us away from the near-constant invitations to stress and negativity we receive from the world. We realize we are far more effective with better neurophysiology.  
I am astonished that these techniques have yielded so much concrete abundance and joy in my life and in the lives of my clients.  Please commit to a few of them for 21 days with a partner. 
I would love for this time to be a positive inflection point in your life, using it to better understand your mind and to deepen your capacity for wisdom, creativity, and joy. 
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