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My approach

Our approach stems from the following understandings:
1) Success is promoted by working with the assumptions that would have us fail.
2) We all have what we need to succeed. Our fundamental nature is to be smart, creative, compassionate and happy. 
3) When stressed, we fall out of this peaceful and intelligent nature. This shift in mindset is triggered by the erroneous assumptions we make about our situations. This upset mindset is counterproductive to creative problem-solving.   
4)  Self-awareness allows us to identify when such a mind shift has occurred. The practice of inquiry allows us to assess the underlying beliefs that jeopardize our natural intelligence and to shift our minds back into its fundamental nature. This tool allows us to tap into our innate intelligence, resourcefulness, and compassion. We are able to see problems with a fresh perspective.
5) Practicing these tools one on one or in groups develops emotional intelligence, authentic leadership skills, and organizational health. 
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