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Daylong retreat in the Work 

with guest Sarah Maya Coté

Friday May 19th 20179am- 4pm, Private home in the North Valley of Albuquerque, NM

Join us for a day long retreat exploration of the Work of Byron Katie.  

Explore the peace that comes from questioning the thoughts that destroy our peace of mind. All is welcome in this light-hearted, safe community environment. 

Sarah Maya Coté is certified practitioner of the Work of Byron Katie with many years of experience sharing this with people of all communities. Sarah Maya lives in Montréal, Canada. 

She has a quiet and peaceful approach that belies her razor sharp intelligence and trust in this process. Working with her is like being disarmed, peacefully and with great joy. 

Registration Details

To register please use PayPal button. Your receipt will serve as your registration. 

Or contact Lara by email at or by phone: (505) 269-4097

Cost.  $85

Lunch: Bring your own or if enough interest, we will cater. 


ITW Credit for Certification candidates:  6


For those of you already familiar with this process, its a wonderful way to hold yourself in inquiry, to meet with others who do The Work here and to deepen your practice.

For those of you new to this process, Welcome!

- Learn how to identify the beliefs that generate the stress, frustration, sadness, and confusion in your life

- Familiarize yourself with The Work and leave with clarity on how to do it on your own

- Get acquainted with the various resources available to support you in questioning limiting beliefs

As a practice, this Work can help you:

- Decrease stress
- Improve relationships
- Increase mental clarity
- Alleviate depression
- Reduce anger
- Experience peace



About Presenter

Sarah-Maya Côté Jirik is a Certified Facilitator of The Work. Practicing on a consistent basis for the past ten years, she continues to be amazed by the profound impact that inquiry can offer for peace. It is her passion and privilege to bring The Work to individuals, couples, families and groups.

More information about Sarah Maya here. 

Additional Information

“Sarah-Maya was an exceptional facilitator.  I was quite impressed by her understanding of The Work and the quality of her teachings and interventions. I was also touched by her willingness to continue to inquire about her own beliefs and therefore be in a place of vulnerability even in the face of the participants. She showed great integrity and authenticity. I highly recommend her workshop to anyone who is just a beginner or a more-advanced practitioner of The Work.” C. T – British Columbia

"Sarah-Maya's facilitation has been a valuable support along my path. She has a gentle presence and a strong capacity to help me locate fears and support me as I address them. She facilitates a space which fosters depth and focus. Thank you!" D.S - United States

"Working with Sarah-Maya, for me, is like meeting true love, that is, the Self that was here all along. It seems like she sees right through me, looking directly into the love that I am, speaking to my heart. Almost saying ‘’you may not think you are lovable in this moment, but honey, I see it, and it’s beautiful’’. Sarah-Maya lets me be who I am, with tears rolling down my face, smudging mascara, in all my humanity and what seems to me to be ugly, raw emotion. The peace that she offers can hold it all, and her understanding makes it ok to let anything I experience inside have its life. Every time I meet with Sarah-Maya, I am unashamed of who and what I am, and I get the courage to look at what seems to be unbearable, unchangeable and hopeless. And I do it. I just do my Work and she doesn’t let me off the hook. Every session leaves me feeling more peaceful, whole and closer to myself. Highly recommended if you want to meet yourself and be reminded of what love and peace feel like on a daily basis."  C. H - Montreal, Canada

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be submitted in writing. If your cancellation is received 7 days in advance of the workshop, your tuition will be refunded less a $25 processing fee. If you do not send advance written notice of your cancellation, if you do not attend, or if you leave the workshop early, your payment is non-refundable and non-transferable.ncellation, if you do not attend, or if you leave the workshop early, your payment is non-refundable and non-transferable.

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