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Dr. Lara Patriquin

Lara is a physician, speaker and teacher of mindfulness meditation and of the Work of Byron Katie in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Her personal quest for well being is informed by her medical studies on the brain and on the nature of thought.

She lectures extensively in the medical and business communities about the value of clear and reliable practices that optimize key functions of the mind.  Through The Work of Byron Katie and other mindfulness practices, Lara's clients are able to access a creative,  effective and  more inspired version of themselves. 


"Doctor Patriquin was a hit!  Her combination of scientific credibility, kindness and sense of humor, our residents were totally engaged. She presents and practices methods of stress reduction in a unique and engaging way. The residents returned refreshed and eager to bring their new mindset to work." 

Given the highly stressful nature of medical work, it is paramount that physicians care for their minds in a way that will allow them to weather the storm. Although scientifically validated to improve physician well being, decrease burnout and increase compassion in physicians, few doctors care for themselves in a way they would prescribe to their patients​.

In addition, physicians are often perfectionistic and hard on themselves. This can make the giving and receiving of feedback in the hospital environment challenging. 

Mindfulness and inquiry can dramatically improve this situation. 


Grand Rounds Speaker introducing mindfulness and wellbeing

Day Long visiting professorships for residents and students

Giving and receiving feedback workshops

Professional coaching for physicians and administrators (in person, skype or telephone)


"Lara was invited to speak at our annual executive meeting. Her insight into the workings of the brain drew people in  immediately. Her credibility as a scientist invited our team in. Her radiant personality kept their attention! They have asked for more training!"

The qualities of a true leader such as self awareness, ​confidence and intuition are trainable. The practices of inquiry and mindfulness remove the obstacles to courageous leadership. As the fear based elements of a an executives narrative dissolve, courageous leadership evolves. 

Mindfulness and inquiry can dramatically improve this situation. 


Workshop Speaker

Professional Coaching for leaders  (in person, skype or telephone)

Giving and receiving feedback training

Long term engagement and leadership skills training for key leaders

Institutional Wellbeing


"Lara meets her audience where they are. She was able to get the attention of our troops and make them understand the importance of mindfulness and self awareness, not only to improve their own well being but to better serve their country." Mylene Huyn

Wether it be in in the military, scientific laboratories or schools, our ability to interact and communicate effectively is paramount to serving our mission. The health and morale of a group is however dependent on healthy minds. Through training, our minds became less reactive and more responsive. Our hidden agendas get replaced by honest and direct communication. Our fearlessness leaves us open to feedback. 

Mindfulness and inquiry training can facilitate teams that trust. 


Professional Coaching for leaders  (in person, skype or telephone)

Workshop SpeakerGiving and receiving feedback training

Eight week mindfulness based stress reducion programs adapted to the needs of the enterprise

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